ø·kol·o·gi (danish)  >  e·col·o·gy (english) [i-kol-uh-jee]
the relationship between organisms and their environment

now, more than ever, we have a global responsibility to really assess our consumption. part of økologi’s sustainable design philosophy is to create interiors with staying power. we believe that a home is a reflection of you, so above all, we favour the collection of bespoke pieces that possess their own individual integrity. if you love each piece for it’s own merit, your environment becomes a true manifestation of you. 

supporting our rich local craft and design industry is at the heart of økologi. we may draw inspiration from around the world, but we source from our own backyard.

we see the creation of an interior as a complex process of evolution. at økologi, we are passionate about working with our clients to achieve an eclectic, yet harmonious space.

every element is a considered decision. we ask: is it functional? is it designed to last? do you love it? have we considered where it is coming from and what that means?